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KeepRunning is a revolutionary BSC Token with great projects, NFT Markeplace and APP coming soon!

Presale date: 13:00 UTC, 6th May
Launch date: 13:00 UTC, 9th May

KeepRunning Token

Check out our main features and the information about the token and the launch, here you can also check the status of the token liquidity!


Oh yeah, Redistributed!

1% of each transaction will be redistributed to $KeepRunning holders proportional to the amount of $KeepRunning held

Marketing Tax

To aim big influencers, we need a big wallet, that's why the 2% goes in the Marketing wallet


Presale Token





What is KeepRunning?

KeepRunning is the Next-gen Web3 Fitness and Lifestyle app with Game-Fi and Social-Fi elements built in. Players can make handsome earnings in crypto with our Move-to-Earn concept. KeepRunning app will be available on both Android and Apple Store.

Active Lifestyle

Encourage users to engage in outdoor activities and get close to nature.

About KeepRunning App

Ourmission is to make the World Green again. We help people have better live through KeepRunning App, which motivates increase their health and earn rewards.

Earn $KeepRunning

Players can Jogging 🏃‍♂️, Running 🏃 with KeepRunning App to get stronger every day and make a huge amount of profit based on the data within the DApp.


Step per step, we can help on everything!

Just released!

Our Roadmap


Phase 1

🌐 V1 Website Launch

🚀 PinkSale Presale

💎 PCS Listing

Phase 2

🎥 Influencer Marketing

🦎 CMC + CoinGecko

🌟 Dessert Finance Audit


Phase 3

🎨 NFT Marketplace Launch

🤝 Influencers Parntership

📋 Website Redesigned

Phase 4

🌐 KeepRunning APP Launch

💸 KeepRunning Staking Launch

💼 CEX Listing

How to buy?

1) Download Trust Wallet on your Mobile Device If you are using iOS, head over to the App Store and search Trust Wallet it should be the first option with the shield logo, if you are on Android, head onto the Google Play Store and again search Trust Wallet and it should be the first option with the shield logo once again.

2) Visit PancakeSwap and swap your Smart Chain BNB after you bought it from Binance or directly from Trust Wallet for $KeepRunning, click here to go directly to PancakeSwap, or manually copy the contract address, after you've copied the address, paste it into the search bar on PancakeSwap, use WalletConnect to connect Trust Wallet if you're on iOS, set the slippage to 3%. If you get an error, increase the slippage to 5% and if you continue to get errors, round your amount to the nearest ten.

3) Check you've received your $KeepRunning in your wallet.
If you can't see your KeepRunning in your wallet, click the icon in the top-right hand corner, type in KeepRunning select 'Add Custom Token'. Insert the KeepRunning address, write KeepRunning for Name, $KeepRunning for symbol and choose 4 Decimals, congratulations, you are now a proud holder of $KeepRunning!

KeepRunning HTB

Check the KeepRunning Contract